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I became a dentist simply because I love to help people. I love to improve the lives of my friends, family, and strangers.

When I was younger, I decided that I wanted to be a dentist. During school, I worked for a bit cleaning rooms and instruments of a dentist in my home town. After high school, I moved in with my uncle, who was a dentist, and his family. I attended his newly opened dental assisting course to see if I wanted to really be a dentist. I loved it. I quickly learned that I loved to help patients feel less anxious, and make them feel taken care of. I began to grow in my ability to feel empathy for people, and to create genuine relationships quickly.

Growing up, there were times my family needed to rely on others for help. There were a couple times that we moved in with my grandparents while my dad looked for a job. I will never forget the taste of powdered milk, and I hope to never taste “morning moo” again! In those times, even at a young age, I was aware of those special people who, many times, tried to stay anonymous. We received Christmas presents, mortgage payments, and other surprises that made us all cry tears of joy, love, and relief. I was forever changed by these experiences, and I decided that I wanted to be a generous and giving person.

I have decided that this is what makes a life worth living; to be the person that is there to give hope, encourage progress, and fulfill dreams. My parents were always there to encourage me to be my best self, and to stretch myself to become better. My dad has always been so supportive of me becoming a dentist. He always said to “try at least once”, and that had taken me to some great places, and helped me to meet some amazing friends.

I hope that the work that I do, and the way that I carry myself shows that I love those I work for and with. I want my employees to love their job, I want my patients to love their visits, and I want the world to be better because of the attitude, and vision that I have developed from the good I have seen going on around me.

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