Orthodontics and Whitening

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Did you have braces when you were a teenager, and now they’ve drifted back a bit or, have you always wanted braces, and finally ready to get started?!We are here for you with multiple options!

Six Month Smiles are exactly that! White braces that’ll straighten teeth in an average of six months! If you’re looking for an easy predictable, orthodontic solution that can get the job done quickly, then these are for you!

Similar to conventional braces, Six Month Smiles have brackets and wires, BUT They are white so people usually don’t even notice them! They work quickly with state of the art technology that’ll get teeth where we all want them to be and we will keep them there!

We also offer Invisalign Braces for those that do not want to have the bracket and wire systems that conventional orthodontics offer. They do just great in moving those teeth exactly where we want them, and you can do it incognito! Great for the business professional or those that want to have that invisible correction that Invisalign has become famous for!

As a courtesy, every patient that gets any of our Orthodontic treatment systems will get FREE Kor Whitening!

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We all want that perfect smile, whitening is one simple procedure we can do to get you one step closer! But, not all whitening is equal.

Dr. Brady Studied for months, and looked at every type of teeth whitening technology, and he finally discovered Kor Whitening systems.

To be honest, at first he was skeptical about the claims they manufacturer made about their system. They promised that they could even remove the deepest known type of staining that is created while teeth develop, tetracycline staining.

Dr. Brady came across a patient that had this type of staining, and had not been confidant in her smile for almost her entire life. They decided to try it out, and it has literally changed her life.

He now uses Kor exclusively in his office, because nothing else can compare. it takes more time to make it just right, and special training is required to apply it, but you can see it is worth it in the results!

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