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Many Dentists hate to make dentures. Here at Haven we love to give you that brand new beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

We take extra care of those chompers by our intricate 5 -step fabrication process. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to our patients, and it shows with the final result.

Sometimes we need to wiggle a few teeth out, and replace them with partial or complete dentures. But, we don’t want you to go without teeth! We make sure the replacement dentures are ready to go before we even take any teeth out. There should never be a reason not to show your beautiful smile off. we do everything we can to make that happen

A great complement to dentures are implants that can help to anchor dentures to your mouth. no more worrying if your dentures will fall out or if you’ll be able to enjoy the food you once used to.

whether partial or complete dentures are what you are needing, we know getting a new smile can be difficult, and we are always here to make sure you are happy and supported with your decision!

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