Root Canal

Dr. Tyler Brady pointing at teeth on a screen to the patient

Sometimes, cavities can get too close to the nerve, and they can cause infection. When that happens, and there is enough healthy tooth structure, a deep filling, or a root canal, is required. All we do is make sure that all the infection is removed, medication is put inside, and then we fill it up! Easy!

Most times, since we have taken the infection out, a crown is needed to make sure the tooth stays strong and can handle all of the eating, talking, and smiling. All of our crowns are metal free, and look natural.

Even if a tooth doesn’t hurt, sometimes, a root canal is needed because the nerve has been contaminated. We always do everything we can to practice conservative, and safe dentistry. We are concerned for you and all of our patients, and always to avoid bigger procedures, but sometimes its needed to keep you out of pain, and smiling!

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