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Cultivating Culture: Trust, Service, and Growth at Haven Dental

Updated: May 15

Within the bright walls of Haven Dental, culture grows far beyond basic dental care—trust, service, progression, and excellence are foundational. Collaboration between doctors, hygienists, assistants, and staff naturally extend to excellent care of patients.

All the friendly faces at Haven Dental have the same goals in mind. They nurture bonds of trust in three directions. Firstly, towards themselves; they acknowledge their individual capabilities, own their responsibilities, and are honest with themselves. Secondly, towards coworkers, where respect for expertise, nurturing of relationships, and resolution of conflicts create a harmonious workplace. Thirdly, towards supervisors, where respecting guidance, being accountable, and fostering open communication channels everyone to learn and grow from each other in a respectful environment.

Service embodies a way of being, a commitment to caring for others, both within and beyond our Haven Dental family. Self-service is the cornerstone of holistic well-being, prioritizing mental, physical, and emotional health to ensure effective service to others. Service towards coworkers transcends camaraderie—it's a sacred pact of support and collaboration, where lending a helping hand and celebrating victories together foster a culture of collaboration. Service towards supervisors is marked by loyalty and dedication, going above and beyond to assist in achieving organizational goals and embodying the spirit of servant leadership.

Progression is not just a journey but a sacred responsibility, unfolding through humility, open-mindedness, and a relentless pursuit of education. Personal growth begins with embracing challenges, cultivating humility, remaining open-minded, and prioritizing lifelong learning. Fostering progression within teams involves encouraging growth mindsets, nurturing humility, valuing diverse perspectives, and championing continuous learning. Facilitating progression as a leader entails investing in team development, leading by example, embracing innovation, and prioritizing the educational needs of team members.

Excellence permeates every facet of our operations, anchored in a culture of continuous improvement, self-care, and unwavering support. Continuous improvement involves analyzing challenges, setting ambitious goals, prioritizing self-awareness, and practicing self-care. Trust and resilience are nurtured through actions that demonstrate integrity, prioritize self-care, and offer support and empowerment. Our covenant of support ensures a safe environment, offers coaching and support, and maintains structure and consistency, fostering an environment where excellence thrives.

At Haven Dental, culture is synonymous with trust, service, progression, and excellence—a testament to our commitment to care, growth, and unwavering support of each other. We work hard to maintain this culture, and our efforts spill over into the lives of our patients.



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